Sunday, 30 December 2012

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I haven't had the time to continue with a drafted posts which includes the "What's in my makeup kit" post because I've been busy with an exciting project! I am in the midst of revamping a room in my house, transforming it from previously a study to a small and basic home studio (to the best my wallet can afford!!).

Wouldn't it be cool if working on a room was as much fun as the baby is having? But the truth of it is, it's more difficult than I thought it would be. Halfway through packing up, moving stuff around, and now painting (YEAY!) I had almost wanted to give up. Maybe partly it's because I'm doing this by myself. So sometimes after a long day I feel exhausted and unmotivated. Sometimes I feel like I need a project partner to do this with me so we can keep each other motivated throughout.

But when I think about what I have achieved so far, I think it's an amazing accomplishment that I should be proud of. This home studio will be my pride and joy, my baby! And I will be proud to present it to you once it's ready. Even more exciting news, once I've got the studio and equipment up, I'll be posting more pictures of makeup here!!

Until then, an exhausted makeup artist a.k.a renovator wannabe signing off!

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