Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Children's Face Painting Party!

Nicolette, 5 Years Old
There was a birthday party for Louisa and Charlotte, both 7 years old on 19th January 2013. It was held at Boatmen's Seafood Restaurant in East Coast Park. This place is awesome for children's party with menus ranging from Italian to Chinese. On top of that the children gets this MASSIVE play area with Jungle Gyms, Ball Pool, Lots of space to run about, everything you'd need to keep children happy at a birthday party. On top of that, there was FACE PAINTING!

We spent 2 hours painting 20 children's faces aged between 4 - 8. That was quite an experience I must say. I did enjoy having younger clients wanting butterflies, flags, flowers, spiderman and spider webs painted on their arms and faces. The parents were patient too and I was glad that they trusted us with their children's faces (please note that our products are sanitised and our brushes and sponges are clean!).

I would do this again, because I love working with children. So if you need a face painter at a party, you know the person to call! 

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