Sunday, 2 December 2012

Just a little update!

Hey hey!

How's December so far? This year past by so fast for me. It's been quite a productive year in my case and I might blog about what 2012 has been for me in the future. But for now I'd like to share something exciting that I have had a chance to be a part of.

A blogshop, Kayssa, contacted me and gave me the opportunity to be their resident makeup artist. Exciting news isn't it?

So this was how it looked like behind the scenes. Obviously I couldn't take a picture of the process of getting the models done up because that would take way too much time to do. It was definitely a first for me (and I think for the blogshop owner, Theresa, as well). Everything went quite smoothly as Theresa is awesome to work with. She was vocal with what she thought the makeup should look like (and that always help me do my job better).

I'll end this post here and shall update again soon!

Have a great day guys!

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