Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Hey guys!

I have been meaning to share a post on what's inside my makeup kit, the list of products that I use and what I wish I had. But I haven't had time to take pictures of my products yet so instead, today's post will be about something small. I always have it inside my bag when I go see a client for a trial or for the actual makeup.

Aaaaannndddd they are..

..these babies! They're called Bungee Hair Ties. Sold in the states and UK I think and since I'm in Singapore I made a bunch of my own. These are used in place of a typical rubber band. I decided that I need them because I had a bad experience trying to tie up a girl's hair in high ponytail without bothering the bouffant-ness at the front. And boy did this girl have long, but very pretty and healthy long hair. So instead of getting the hair to go in and out as you twist the rubber band around the ponytail, Bungees go around your ponytail. In this way when I have to have my bouffant-ness up at the front, I don't accidentally flatten it from having too much movement.

Problem solved! But now the only thing is because these have quite large hooks at the end, they sometimes protrude out quite noticeably.

So if you're using one of these, you have to go over it to cover up the hair tie. But that's a simpler problem than the one I had at first.

Thanks for reading!

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